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PlanTools™ Transportation Planning and Freight Consolidation Optimization

PlanTools™ (formerly LoadOpt™) takes your days shipments, both LTL and TL, and builds a shipping plan in which LTL shipments are consolidated into TL loads with stop offs.  It takes into account customer service requirements and vehicle capacities to produce the lowest overall cost solution -- considering the mix of both LTL and TL freight rates which are applicable.  For full details please see our PlanToolsTM website.


RouteOptTM Transportation Routing Software

RouteOptTM is a specialized tool for TMS providers and others needing a solution to the vehicle routing problem.  Unlike ordinary routing tools, RouteOptTM can route from any set of origins to any set of destinations -- a "many to many" type solution.  Further, it doesn't require expensive supplementary mapping software licenses.  Contact us for further details.

BidToolsTM Strategic Transportation Sourcing Software for Bidding Support and Optimization
Communicate easily and quickly with your carriers, post files and receive bids on-line. Manage carrier login, Non-Disclosure Agreement compliance, and posting FAQ information with ComToolTM. Then assemble the possibly hundreds of carrier bid files and RFI files into a single workable Excel spreadsheet for bid analysis and perform other "back-office" kinds of functions with RFxToolTM. RFxToolTM also produces carrier feedback and award files. Integrates with the BidCommTM tools to provide customized email delivery of individual carrier response and award files.
Finally, make your selection of carriers based on your criteria for selection to achieve optimum total cost. Set limits on the number of carriers within practically any clustering of lanes. Favor or penalize certain classes of carriers. Set goals for the amount of business to be awarded to incumbents. AwardToolTM sorts through tens of thousands of bid-lanes in minutes to define its solution and provide you a rich set of detailed and summary reports. For full details please see our BidToolsTM website.