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You have dozens of carriers, both LTL and TL.  You have hundreds of customer delivery points and dozens of plants and suppliers.  There are thousands of freight rates that apply to the thousands of traffic lanes where you have freight flowing.  How do you get the lowest costs across all that business?  The answer is strategic transportation sourcing in which you build a bidding program and a negotiation process that leads to cost effective contracts with a set of core carriers who have something in common: THEY WANT YOUR BUSINESS BECAUSE IT FITS THEIR NEEDS FOR BALANCED LOADS.  You have the data you need -- most companies have piles of freight payment information -- but how to get from that raw data to cost effective carrier contracts is where we can help!

Key Benefits

  • Our powerful data handling tools take whatever raw shipment information your systems produce and format it into bidding packages
  • We use our powerful BidTools™ on-line and desktop software tools to communicate with the carriers, assemble their bids, and develop optimized award scenarios.
  • Dozens of years of experience in negotiating rates to help you through the two or three stage bidding and negotiation process to find the best combination of carriers and rates


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