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Are you stumped because your special Logistics or operational requirements can't be met by off-the-shelf software packages?  Frustrated because your IT department lead time is measured in years?  Tired of computer tools that are stuck in old technology?  We can help with custom designed software that runs either on your desktops, on your web servers or on our web servers. 


  • State of the art development tools like Python and other Open Source components
  • Data centric solutions that don't treat data access and reporting as an afterthought
  • Integration with Microsoft Office tools like MS-Word and MS-Excel for automated document preparation and distribution
  • And... we speak plain English to help you define your requirements and define the key elements of your system


Large-scale mailing list management
MPSS, Inc., developed a mailing list management system for a state university that needed to keep track of nearly 500,000 potential and recent students.  Subsystems provide for importing names and addresses from multiple sources, and for production de-duping and address validation.  A complex name categorization system was implemented that supported the needs of multiple organization units, multiple levels or tiers of categories, and powerful selection tools for reporting, mailing preparation and marketing analysis.
Inbound Logistics Load Management and Planning
MPSS, Inc., created a load planning and inbound vendor collaboration system for a major regional 3PL that reduced staff requirements by 60% and accelerated order cycle time from 3 days to about 4 hours.
Load Posting and Communication System
A rapidly growing truckload services brokerage company engaged MPSS, Inc., to build a set of modules to post its available loads and available drivers to multiple on-line truckload "posting" services. 


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Last modified: 11/18/12